Travel with Me Virtually

In my post about how travel is changing due to covid-19, I talk about people feeling a need now, more than ever, to do things out of the house. It is still not the greatest atmosphere to hop on a plane and travel somewhere, but what we can do is travel and experience things virtually!

Picture of Desiree Robinson wearing a homemade face covering using a bandana and ponytail holders.
Desiree Robinson wearing a homemade face covering using a bandana and ponytail holders.

Virtual tours have been on my radar for a while and I want to experience some with you! Here are just some of the virtual experiences you can have (I plan to add more as they are suggested and as I find them):

  1. 9 Whimsical Spring Flower Blooms We’re Dreaming About
  2. How to Take a Virtual Tour of Every National Park in the U.S.
  3. 360° Virtual Reality Shopping Tour
  4. 360 VR video experience in Venice
  5. One day in Dubai: 360° Virtual Tour with Voice Over
  6. 360 degree Beach House Tour
  7. 4K 360º Virtual Relaxation on Beach
  8. Hiking 25 Miles on the Mardi Himal Trail in Nepal
  9. Xplorit New Orleans Virtual Tour
  10. Aurora vacation – Virtual tour, 360, Abisko, Sweden – Lights over Lapland AB
  11. Absolute Thai Restaurant Virtual Tour Video
  12. Virtual tour of EL ESTERO!!!!!!
  13. Los Angeles to Detroit (3 hours)| Window Seat Flight| 4k
  14. Visit Hamilton Island in 360˚ Virtual Reality with Qantas
  15. 360° Virtual 5 Zipline Tour with Flying Fox Neemrana
  16. 4K (Ultra HD) California Scenic Bike Ride with Music – Coleman Valley Road, California – 5 Hours
  17. Google Earth

I tried my best to add a little bit of everything in this list! Which one are you most stoked to explore? What was your favorite one? What type of experience do you think was missing? Let me know and I might just add it to my list!

I know this cannot beat actually beat going there (except for the ones in colder climate, I will enjoy them from the comfort of my home through my screen, thank you very much), but I hope this has helped or inspired you in some fashion!

Picture of Desiree Robinson with Toshiba laptop screen open to Google Earth site.
Desiree Robinson with laptop screen open to Google Earth site.

I suggest enjoying these on the biggest screen you have access to in your home to make it a more immersive reality.

Until next time, hear, pray, go, write, and travel safely as led by the Lord!!

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